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When you first learn to knit its very important for your first few projects to choose a good knitting pattern that reflects your skill level. Don’t be put off if at first the only patterns you seem to complete with ease are garter knit scarves. Beginner Knitters can often times be tempted to move on to more complicated projects before they have mastered the necessary skills to properly complete it to a good standard. As a result the novice can become discouraged and even give up altogether.

There are numerous references and websites where patterns can be found and in most cases the pattern will state the skill level required for the pattern. Stick with patterns that are for beginner or easy levels and only after successfully completing a number of these project should you move to more difficult projects.

Ask a friend who is more experienced with knitting for advice on improving your skills, and see if they can recommend some appropriate patterns to help hone your skills. There are often local knitting groups which can also be a great source of information and advice for the novice nitter.

Below are some easy knitting patterns for beginners . If you like any of these patterns then  please click on the image for a link to a free knitting pattern.

Garter Stitch

The garter stitch is one of the most simple patterns, as it only involves the knit. This  is an easy project that is a fine choice to begin.

Moss Stitch Afghan

The moss stitch is a simple combination of knits and purls that looks difficult but is fairly straightforward. An afghan can be a big project, but this pattern is smaller than usual. (though still very useful)

Stockinette Stitch Scarf

The fur that will be used here should hide any stitches so is perfect for the novice knitter. And the floppy style means you needn’t worry about the Stockinette Stitch Curl.

Stockinette Stitch Washcloth

Washcloths  are always of use and can be good projects for novices. This simple pattern has combined the stockinette stitch and a seed stitch border to give you a handy washcloth that lies flat.

Broken Rib Washcloth

This Broken Rib pattern is an easy knitting stitch pattern that can be used well on simple projects such as a wash or dish cloth. This project looks harder than it is.  This pattern only has two rows and one of them is straight knitting!

Fletch Stitch Envelope Purse

Bags and purses are excellent patterns  for novice knitters. They are generally simple shapes that don’t require expert skills. This purse is just a big rectangle, and is great for learning Mattress Stitch seaming and how to make an I-cord.

Linen Stitch Belt

Many patterns for beginner knitters use basic stitches like Garter, Stockinette and ribbing, However this belt is still fairly simple looks interesting and won’t look like it was made by a novice. Some stitches are slipped in this  pattern with the yarn in front so the yarn will underline the stitch, providing good texture.

Flat Hat

New knitters may be nervous about knitting hats as they’re usually worked in the round and require decreasing to make the crown shape. This pattern is simpler because it’s knit flat. All you need to do is sew up the side and gather one end to make the top of the hat. The yarn recommended here should make this a fun project though any big bulky yarn should be fine to use.
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